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research documents ,statistics, repts ,references & charts and analysis 

 Mobile Q is the ideal technological battalion against traffic deaths and injury. Mobile Q's  electro magnetic technology  provides attachable via de-attachable mobility; all operated by blue-tooth or manual controls. Mobile Q adapts to post modern automobiles not equipped with the post auto screen reverse view and or mobile screen view; thus granting otherwise viewing capability during heavy weather precipitations for operating elders and youth requiring.

Inclusive external integrating custom design applied; grants you a fluid integrative cohesion system  that does not de-appreciates your car model external painting and or fixtures. The Mobile Q thermal defrost systems delivers additional service features purpose to battle specific heavy weather precipitations . The Mobile Q K1 thermal wheel cab applicator, device specifies service features particularly for winter storm snow-in auto-encampments;  thus making it revolutionary and most importantly a trend auto manufacturer design trend setting standard 

                 Exclusive  pre-post  development production                                                             view panel

Exclusive Embryonic Stage 2 Preview, Is our premiere select product sketch production panel that  IIPDD enjoys delivering to our viewers to showcase the time line of ingenuity , Process , and original design landscaping. IIPDD have selected these exclusive premium concept product sketch renderings to go forth into production with full available intent for market entry and performance